Wissen weben mit dem Büro für Informationsarbeit



In the office for information work I like to think of ideas as creations of assocations of information. It seems to help to cope with various working situations and it empowers me to work with complexity.

Information work can be described as an approach to express more complexity of life when using information and communication technology. It is working with information artifacts in a associative, visual and conscious manner.

This is not new, pioneers of Hypertext as Vannevar Bush worked on Memex, Douglas Engelbart and the NLS and Ted Nelson started the Xanadu project driven by this understanding to better represent the complexity of the world around us in software systems. The DMX project by Jörg Richter I am contributing to since 2008 is driven by the same spirit. 

My understanding of information work is based on a phenomonological approach to research as it allows me to describe real work situations in their full spectrum (think cross-section) and allows me to express parallel realities of the outer world in a network of information.

  • Acknowleding that when communicating using textual or visual representations of information everyone brings its own personal bias, stance or perspective to interpretation, the attempt to make sense or understand information. It is about plurality in the mix when working with information.
  • Likewise if we try to express and navigate on the full spectrum or complexity of a single situation or scenario. The complexity of the most micro-thing or concept one can think of is often simply astounding and reminds me of what little i know.

This personal perspective on information technology, creating and working with it gets even more important when we acknowledge that relating information is enacted in an adaptive user interface. Sadly certain legislative bodies in the world think its more important to build up constant modes of surveillance than investing in support for people to learn various modes of thinking. May that be with or without tools, curiosity and learning, learning to learn, the capabilities to reflect on ones learning alone or with others is what will decide upon humankinds future. As long as its based on respect and does not make use of force, real collaboration will shape the future of our world.


Technologies (Technologien)

HTTP & HTTP 2, WebSockets,
Schema.org, Dublin Core,
Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Perl, JavaFX Script, ActionScript 3
XUL, Maven, OSGi, Felix, Karaf

Drupal, Booked, Wordpress, Hugo, DeepaMehta, Django, HapiJS
Jenkins, Docker, Git, Subversion, Shell
MySQL, Neo4J, MongoDB, ArrangoDB, Lucene, NodeJS
LeafletJS, OpenLayers, Firefox, Chromium, Matomo
Android, Unix, Windows

Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus, LaTex
Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Blender, Premiere, iMovie

Office-Suites (From VisiCalc to Word), Browsers, Unix'es
Prezi, XMind, yEd, DeepaMehta


Topics (Themen)

Domain Driven Design, Requirements Analysis, Goal-Directed Design
Maps & Mapping, Cognition, Understandings of Information and Knowledge,
Human-Centered Application Development & Design, Vocabularies,
Audio- and Video Technology, Interaction-Design
Graph-Layouts, Touch- and Pen-Driven Interfaces
Testing Hypotheses, Qualitative Analyseverfahren, Prototyping, Work Methods, Processes
Conceptional Work, Hypertext Markup Language, Interoperability & International Standards
Privacy, Copyright, Surveillance, Human-Intelligence, Geography, Mobility
Wikidata, Creative Commons, Collaborative Authoring, Right to Remix

Adaptive Systems, Personal Information Management, End-User Databases,
Frontend Architectures, Microservices, Optimistic UIs, Declarative Development of UIs,
Animation Libraries, Application Frameworks


Impact areas (Wirkungsbereiche)

Media-Design (GTA Media/Communication)
Full-Stack Software-Engineering (Dipl. Inf. FH)
Open Source & Collaborative Processes (DeepaMehta 2, 3, 4 and 5)
Cartographic Interactions & Web-Cartography (Khartis, LeafletJS)
Knowledge Media & Interaction Design (DMX Systems UG)
Kampagnen-Management & Operations (Info-Activism)
Web-Design, Photography (GTA Media/Communication)
Print-Design (GTA Media/Communication, DHW)
International Web Standards (XML, RDF, HTML, SVG, JSON-LD, Topicmaps XTM)
Hypertext Markup & Vocabularies (Schema.org, Dublin Core, Wikidata, ...)