Let's align our goals.

I love to meet new people, embrace new challenges and never fail to look around before getting started.

With more than twenty years of experience in media design and ten years as a freelance developer in the day-to-day business of software platform and application development, we might be a good fit. I have a strong field record in the design of software applications spanning from ideation to delivery and have worked in diverse teams with tight budgets and tough time constraints.

I like to think broad before i get my hands on a specific goal and I always involve the ideas of users in the planning. I love my job, I like to have fun at work and I enjoy talking to new people. Especially when they show passion for their idea and know the difference between tactics and strategy.

References (in alphabetical order)

Anlauf und Beratungsstelle für ehemalige Heimkinder Berlin

As open source consultant i was responsible for the deployment, customization, support and maintenance of an internal booking calender (PHP/MySQL) and their MS Azure cloud solution.

all2gethernow e.V.

Engaged us as Music Web Tech consultants and helped us to become the productioneers of soundposter.com.

Berliner Beirat für Familienfragen e.V.

Together we designed the topical integration of Kiezatlas Places into the Berliner Familienportal and realized the Kiezatlas API.

buchele communications GmbH

With buchele communications I worked on consolidating their in-house development process and bootstrapping three new pure JavaScript web application modules based on HapiJS.

Gesellschaft für sozial-kulturelle Arbeit Berlin mbH

As user-centered web application developers, organizing user-group twice a year meetings. Implementation is based on Java Web Technology.

Golf Berlin Mitte - Inh. Patrick Albrecht

For Patrick Albrecht I was in charge of the repair, optimization and re-design of his online shop for golf equipment and accessoires.

Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde e.V.

As research assistant I was in charge for the development of the Web-Experiments application and helped to conduct two empiric-user studies on variants of user-interfaces for decision making based on user-generated maps. Furthermore I developed an extension of the popular web mapping library LeafletJS which transforms the HTML of standard geographical web maps into machine readable documents with semantic annotations based on geographical ontologies

newthinking communications GmbH

Free and Open Source customizations mostly with Drupal (PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Web-Cartography) and its OpenAtrium and Conference Organization Distribution (COD).

republica GmbH

I was part of the production team for #rp09, #rp10, #rp11 and #rp13 and responsible for maintaining the schedule, assisting speakers and troubleshooting issues with media technology on various stages.

Senatskanzlei Berlin

Bürgeraktiv-Portal, Ehrenamtsatlas und Ehrenamtsnetz-App.