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About SemKingPeng

This page is about my very first interactive software application which was not a complete mess, a project also known as "SemKingPeng" (Semantic-King-Penguin). It was written in ActionScript3 and developed during our time as computer science students at the Beuth Hochschule for the Penguin house at the Zoologischer Garten Berlin.

The touch-driven interface was inspired by the traditional DeepaMehta 2 interface and its striking "Bring-To-Me" navigation. We even had a content management system connected to this frontend to allow us as expert users to author new interactive maps with the DeepaMehta 2 Standard Distribution and its Topicmaps export format (XML).

Brining in the concept and interaction design Mathias K. and Michael S. were heavily involved for turning this idea into a successful project. Thanks to my colleagues the application was extendable and allowed users consistent color coding across resources, uploading of icons, associative authoring of multimedia resources and the creation of personal maps through selecting related items along their interest. The context menu we were most proud of.
Live Demo

Interactive Live-Demo (requires Adobe Flash Player)