Other Software

Software and scripts I wrote something about. 

Kiezatlas Wordpress Plugin (2013, PHP, Javascript, HTML)

Source code here.

Die LOR-Seiten (2012 - Today, PHP, Javascript, HTML, OpenLayers)

To be documented. Code is live here.
Source code here.

Notizen Web-Anwendung (2012, HTML, CSS, Javascript)

Notizen Doku
eduZEN Installation, TU Berlin

Nautilus Plugin for Ubuntu (2011, Python)

Folder Windows as Canvas (see Open Access Publication)

Firefox Add-on: Annotating Bookmarks (2011, XUL, XML, Javascript)

Source Code

Audio Canvas Desktop Player (2010, JavaFX Script 1.2, Java, GStreamer)

Spin-off of my diploma thesis.
To be documented. You can find some basic infos here.

DeepaMehta 4 JavaFX Client (2009)

My diploma thesis on the declarative development of interactive graph layouts for pen- and touch driven user interfaces.

Documentation: http://archiv.mikromedia.de/uni/dmjfx/ Trailblazing Web Browser (2008, Java, Swing)

Archived. To be documented.

iTV Prototype (Lua, JavaScript, XML, 2008)

Hyperlinks for videos.

Yourswing: Youtube Video Vector Graphics Annotator (Action Script 3, 2008)

Archived. To be documented.