Custom Software Development

Index of my software projects and some background information on the methodologies I like to apply.

Typebox CMS

Kiezatlas 2 (Orte API, Familienportal API, Angebotsdatenbank, Website)

Leaflet.annotate (Microdata integration of and Dublin Core vocabularies into geographic web maps)

Web-Experiments (A tool for conducting basic web-based user studies)

Hugo & Wordpress Themes

Khartis (German Translation & Fixes)


Wikidata Topicmaps UI

Wikidata Geographic Entity Extractor

EduZEN Applications (Notizen Timeline, Moodle REST Client, MathJax Renderer, Math Lesson Library)

Associative Audio Library

Info-Touch / SemKingPeng

Over 20 DeepaMehta 4 Plugins (Timeline, Stableviews, Sign-up, CSV Module, Import Export, Tagging, Pub/Sub, Mail, Geospatial Search, Thymeleaf Plugin, Twitter Search, SoundCloud Client, Bandcamp Client, Little Helpers, Images, Poemspace)

Other Software and Scripts (iTV, Yourswing, AudioCanvas, Firefox Add-on, Wordpress Plugin, Nautilus Extension)